Creating Pathways

The organisation currently delivers three key services aimed at enabling learners to access and succeed in meaningful employment.  The organisation acknowledges the increasingly linked relationship between level of education and employability and is committed to continue to add further innovative and creative services in a bid to meet its objectives in this area.

GADRA Matric School (GMS)

GMS provides a 1-year fulltime programme of classes to prepare students to rewrite selected National Senior Certificate subjects. Since 1994, over 2000 students have graduated with an improved matric. Over the past three years GMS has successfully transformed itself from being an all-purpose finishing school to a top-end bridging school. There are now three categories of student at GMS, namely

  1. those trying to improve their level of pass,
  2. those who have already secured a Bachelor-level of pass and who are trying to improve their university admission points, and
  3. those who previously secured a Bachelor level of pass and who are registered in one of GADRA’s bridging programmes (offered in partnership with Rhodes University).

Demand for spaces at GMS is huge and applicants are selected based on their proximity to Bachelor-level passes. GMS now has over 200 students.

Mentoring Programme

Nine Tenths is a mentoring programme geared towards equipping matric students in selected local schools to cope with their final year of school and to pass to their full potential. Pupils are given one-on-one attention from a Rhodes University student through nine guided and structured contact sessions.

In its four years of implementation this programme has had increasing success with enabling learners from Grahamstown High Schools to achieve Bachelor-level passes and access Rhodes University, a highlight in this regard was when a record number of local Grahamstown students registered at Rhodes University at the beginning of 2019.

Bridging Programmes


In 2019 GADRA is offering 4 distinct Bridging Programmes, linked to 4 of the major Faculties at Rhodes, as follows:

  1. Psychology 1, under the Faculty of Humanities;
  2. Theory of Finance 1, under the Faculty of Commerce;
  3. Introduction to Scientific Concepts and Methods (ISCM), under the Faculty of Science; and
  4. IsiXhosa Mother Tongue 1, for purposes of acceptance into the Faculty of Education.

GMS students accepted for a Bridging programme register at Rhodes as Occasional Students for their respective course and simultaneously select a maximum of 2 NSC subjects to study at GADRA Matric School (in order to improve their performance in these subjects or to increase their total number of university admission points).